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Zal and Rudabeh, their 1st meeting

Friends of Shahnameh read the story of the first meeting of Zal and Rudabeh, one of the love-stories of Shahnameh. Below is a short summary of what was read in the Commemoration Day of Ferdowsi in Manchester, 2017.

Sum a great hero of Iran wanted a child. Finally, his companionship got pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy. The baby was perfect in every way, but was born with white hair. Sum was disappointed and saw the baby’s white hair as a sign of demon. He gave the baby to one of his footmen and told him to take the baby to a field and leave him there.

Simurgh, the legendary bird, saw the baby and took him as a bite for her chicks who fall in love with the baby. Simurgh adopts the baby and look after him. Many years passed by and the baby who is a teenager now is spotted by travellers. Sum hears about this teenager with white hair and realises he is his own son. That night he had a dream. In his dream a holy man tells him if white hair is a sign of demon, how come your own hair and beard has gone white now?

Sum is sorry and starts looking for his son and won’t stop until he finds his son and brings him home. Sum names him Zal. Zal is a strong young man and under his father’s supervision he is trained to be an unrivalled worrier.

One day Zal goes to collect tax from Mehrab the ruler of one colonies of Iran. Mehrab meets Zal and then goes home and tell his wife and daughter, Rudabeh, about him. On hearing Zal’s description, Rudabeh falls in love with Zal.

She asks her Nadeemeh (companionship) to find a way so she could see Zal. Nadeemehs go near Zal’s camp. Zal becomes curious and goes out to investigate who they are. They say they are Rudabeh’s Nadeemeh and start talking about Rudabeh’s beauty. Zal asks Nadeemeh to find a way so he could see Rudabeh for himself. 

Nadeemeh tell Zal to come to Rudabeh’s palace that night and climb up the wall. That is what he does. Zal and Rudabeh fall in love before seeing each other and after meeting that night their love grows stronger. But they still have a long way to persuade both families that, despite their differences, let them marry and be with each other. Our story today is about  Zal and Rudabeh’s first meeting.

دیگر پست های مربوط به برنامه
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