Monday, 22 September 2008

A clever suggestion

Looking through the pages of an in-flight magazine, I came across an article on ways to combat jetlag. I started reading it with interest; after all if there were ways to avoid jetlag or even shorten its recovery period I had to know.

The article contained some useful hints, e.g. setting your watch according to the destination time soon after boarding the plane. It looked promising; I carried on reading and soon I got down to the last suggestion listed. Travelling first class was the ultimate suggestion! (To be fair, it said something to the meaning of: if possible travel first class).

At this point I put the magazine away, and tried to have a nap. I was a bit cross with myself for not thinking of this wonderful solution for myself!

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Sunday, 21 September 2008

Today is "The international day of PEACE"

World peace might be nothing more than a farfetched dream today; but maybe one day our future generations get to experience world peace outside the borders of dreamland.

روز جهانی صلح

Monday, 15 September 2008

تولد یک شعر

مثل بیشترشعرا، حسا س بود و خیلی زود دلگیر میشد
تو مینی بوس هم گویا باز دلش گرفته بود
به حالت قهر رو ضندلی ردیف جلو نشست
وسعی کرد که با خودش خلوت کنه
شعر می نوشت
غافل از آنکه دوروبرش رو کسایی گرفته بودند که
سرشون برای مردم آزاری درد می کرد
قسمتهایی از شعر رو تو دوربین یکی از دوستان دزدکی خواندیم
دقایقی بعد خلق شعربه پایان رسید
بعد ازاون هم، خلاصه بگم یه جورایی شعر نصیب من شد
منم این شعرناب رو ضمیمه یکی ازعکسام کردم

اینم شعرنگاره، حیفم اومد که اینجا ازش حرفی نزنم

من سیمای باغ سرشتم
جاده تسلیم من است
و گلم شاخه ی آفتابگردان
من طلوع از تپش نور هدی می گیرم
تو نیاشی به خدا، به خدا میمیرم
شیوه عیش تویی، مشربم لعل لبت
بید مچنون جانم، سرو من باش به امید
که تو را سوی بقا میکیرم
دل به دامان تو رفت، بوی گلهای ندا
تو گل باغ شمالی، آری آن یاس عدم
یآس من از بر و بویت نیست
دیوار بلند است و دست دلم از در کوتاه کوتاه

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Monday, 8 September 2008

Potential Murder in the name of a photo opportunity (to Mostafa)

… “GET DOWN, we want to eat dinner!” This was the command that we finally obeyed after ignoring it for a few minutes! On the way down, from the hill, a little ladybird was discovered by Mostafa []; in his wisdom he decided that the ladybird would look better on a white daisy nearby. I hardly managed to take one photo of the created scene, before being pushed aside by a group of other descending photographers in our group.

Considering the dense mist around us, I don’t know how they managed to spot this photo opportunity! Anyhow, after a short while we arrived at the meeting point. Only to discover that we had to clime up the hill again, as it was decided that where we were originally was a better spot for picnic!

I don’t know if anyone remembered to put the subject back where we got it. But I hope the contrast between the vivid red and the bright white that attracted photographers was not as effective on birds or bigger insects! Otherwise, we all have a murder to answer for.