Monday, 18 June 2018

در نمایشگاه گروهی

The Travelling Heritage Bureau Exhibition, HOME, Manchester, 16 & 17 June.

افتخار همکاری با خانم های هنرمند از سراسر دنیا و حضور در نمایشگاه گروهی با فیلم "سکون فرار" را داشتم. سپاس فراوان از بهار روشن. صدای گرم ایشان زمینه سکون فرار هم هست

My first group exhibition at HOME, Manchester.
The piece that I had in this exhibition was called "volatile stillness". Volatile Stillness was a short film, framed by six still images and brought together photography, film-making, song and poetry to create a unique visual /audio experience. The collection refers to the unstable nature of motionlessness.

In Volatile Stillness, I explored symbolic moments on the brink of explosion using six still images. The photos hinted towards: birth, class division, gender inequality, war, occupied territory and death. A short film (just over seven minutes), as a paradoxical account, displayed serenity and relaxation in movement.
The photography medium forces stillness on subjects reaching their saturation points, ready for a change, whilst the film emphasises that nothing is truly still.

Video: All shots have been taken in Manchester and London except Zoorkhoneh which has been filmed in Iran (Mashhad). Zoorkhoneh (zoor=strength, khoneh=house) a traditionally men-only environment to learn and practice ayeen-e pahlavani or warrior's ways of acting and thinking. It combines exercises, music and mystical and philosophical poetry for male of all ages and abilities. For more pictures see the following link:
The video highlights Sama dance of rain with subtle hits towards loneliness, resistance and creation that evolves from movement. It also features Khalda, Rand and Atusa creating their own artwork.

Poetry: Two poems are used:
1) Shahireh reads one of her writing. To translate an extract of it: “your shadow casting on the newly planted tree of our friendship is more vital than the sunlight."
2) Bahar Roshan sings Sohrab Sepehri’s poem (at Golestaneh). Sohrab Sepehri (1928 - 1980) was an Iranian poet and painter. To translate a stanza of the poem: “I am looking for something in this place: light, pebble or a maybe a smile.”

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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

با منولوگ در کافی شاپ هوم در خدمتتان هستم

Photo by Amin

On 22nd June (2018) Firoozeh Fozouni and I will be performing in the first floor Cafe Bar at Home.
I will be performing a monologue and Firoozeh will be reading her poetry and playing setar. It's a free event and it would be great to see you there.
For more information click here.
Out performance is after All Because of Love by Ostad Jaberi and his creative team.

در 22 ژوئن افتخار اجرای منولوگ در کافی شاپ هوم در کنار خانم فیروزه فزونی (که همراه سه تار از اشعار خود می خوانند) را دارم. این برنامه رایگان است و نیاز به رزرو ندارد. به امید دیدار شما علاقمندان

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هر دم از این باغ بری میرسد

سیزده، چهارده سال پیش دنبال سبدهای دست بافتی می گشتم که با چوبهای نازک قهوه ای بافته می شد. طرقبه (که زمانی ییلاقی خارج از #مشهد بود و اکنون عملا چسبیده به آن است) مرکز این سبدها بود. از زمان بچگی ام #طرقبه با هوای خوش، درختان تنومند، فضای تفریح در باغهای فرح بخش و جویهای پر آبی که از وسط باغ ها می گذشت، بستنی محلی که فقط بستنی طلاب تاب مقاومت در برابر آنرا داشت و صنایع دستی بخصوص سبدهای قهوه ای که در همان مکان بافته می شد، گره خورده بود

چه تلخ بود دیدن انواع و رنگ های مختلف سبدهای وارداتی از چین که در هر کوچه و پس کوچه ای در طرقبه خرید و فروش میشد، بستنی هایی با رنگ های جذاب که ترکیب شکر، رنگ و اسانس بود، جوی های خشک آب و باغ هایی که به ویلای خصوصی تبدیل شده بودند. سراغ سبد های محلی را که می گرفتم پاسخ می شنیدم که چون از الیاف سرطان زا درست می شدند اداره بهداشت همه را جمع کرده. باری، آن سال پس از جستجوی فراوان دست از پا درازتر بدون سبد دست بافت محلی از طرقبه برگشتم. حدود پنج شش سال پیش دوباره این سبدهای قهوه ای را در طرقبه دیدم، از دوستی پرسیدم چطور شد ماجرای سرطان زائی الیاف به کجا رسید. گفت تمام شد گویا همه سبدهای وارداتی از چین فروش رفت!

امروز که عکس پرچم ایران ساخت چین را دیدم، اصلا تعجب نکردم. به سوی وابستگی هر چه بیشتر به اجناس وارداتی و از بین بردن تولیدات داخلی چنین شتابان می رویم 

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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Japan Day @ Manchester

Japan Day (3rd June 2018, Sugden Sport Center) showcasing Japanese culture organised by Japan Society North

روز ژاپن فرهنگ و رسوم ژاپن به نمایش گذاشته شده بود. با گروه نمایشی اجرایی هم به حالت تمرینی ما داشتیم

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Monday, 4 June 2018

Japan Day

Japan Day (3rd June 2018, Sugden Sport Center) showcasing Japanese culture organised by Japan Society North

I attended the event as we (DIPACT) had a performance booked for this day, but soon the day became an eye opener in many ways for me. I knew Japan is a country with a unique heritage and rich culture but to be in close approximately of the culture was invigorating.

One of the most enjoyable events was the group performing using Taiko Drumming. I was also introduced to the sound of Koto (somewhat similar to Iranian Santur) and Awa Odori Dance. We also had a chance to dressed up in Kimono :)

Let's sample the flavour of Koto.

The range of thing to see and activities to experience was impressing and the event was managed well. Well done to the organisers, looking forward to their next event.

روز ژاپن فستیوالی از فرهنگ و ادب ژاپنی را به نمایش گذاشته بود. همزمان فعالیت های مختلفی برای آشنایی با فرهنگ و ادب ژاپن در گوشه و کنار سالن در حال اجرا بود . مدیریت و زمان بندی برنامه ها هم به نحو احسن اجرا شد
آوای کوتو را با هم بشنویم 
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Thursday, 31 May 2018

The Breadwinner; a review

Went to see Breadwinner with high hope, probably based on the names that associated with this work, but I never expected to like it this much. 

Sure it displayed a catastrophic situation and violent nature of humans, but it was empowering to see the courage of women and children that go on about their daily lives and fight against cruelty in their own ways. It was refreshing to see in a feature film female Middle-Eastern characters engaging in something other than  just sobbing. They are resourceful, kind and clever the exact traits that help them to survive and achieve in those situations.

Women in the #Breadwinner at the darkest moments of their dark fate keep their dream alive. For me the character of Delavar stood out, how she / he was trying towards achieving a dream was stimulating. Delavar even kept this optimism alive whilst listening to the story that Parvane was telling and kept inserting happy ideas in the story. 

As I was watching the #Breadwinner I remembered a conversation that I had with someone over 15 years ago. She was talking about the war and its affect on Europeans. I commented that it was not just European countries that paid a heavy price for the war. To which she responded, no it wasn't but unfortunately those people (I guess she meant people living in the Middle-East) are used to it. I had to deal with the nausea for the rest of that day and the bitter taste of her view for a long time afterwards. No one gets used to torture, even if it is inflicted on you in the name of usual life. Watching films like #Breadwinner would particularly be useful to people like my colleague.

We talked about the film afterwards and the saddest point that came out in our discussion as a group was that we could remember the horrifying moments of coming face to face with the guard that patrolled streets of Iran to scare women who dared not to hide themselves by covering every inch of their body. In an ill society where women are punished for drawing attention to themselves, it's hard to even breath. The aroused look of hatred on the Taliban members unfortunately was too familiar even to us who never lived under Taliban rules. 

With deepest respect to the brave women who protest against cruelty and fight for equal rights all over the world.

The Film Programme on BBC radio 4
We watched the film at Home (thanks for facilitating our group booking ticket). See further showing of the movie here.

 فیلم انیمیشن نان-آور یا پروانه داستان دختری است در افغانستان تحت سلطه ی طالبان. خانواده ای که زیر فشارهای قومی و مذهبی مردان افراطی به ورطه ی نابودی کشیده می شود و شجاعت دختری که در چنین شرایطی بقای خانواده اش بر عهده ی او گذاشته می شود. دختری که در محیطی زن ستیز برای زندگی خود و اطرافیانش دست به هر کار پر خطری می زند. چه غمناک بود صحبت بعد از تماشای فیلم. هر یک از ما خاطره ای داشتیم از تجربه ی تلخ و وحشتناک رودررو شدن با کسانی که با اسم دین به آزار و اذیت زنان پرداخته اند و می پردازند. برای همین نیمچه آزادی که داریم مدیون تک تک زنان آزاد اندیش و شجاعت آنان هستیم 

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Sunday, 27 May 2018


How strange! I was looking through a magazine, where a real bee came and sat on the picture of the flowers :)

تو حیاط نشسته بودم و مجله ای را ورق می زدم که زنبوری آمد روی عکس گلها نشست. طفلکی گول خورد ... بد جور

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