Wednesday, 30 April 2008

نامه سرگشاده به سنگ صبور

 عکس: شهیره
 کتاب: برگزیده اشعار نادر نادرپور

باز امروز دلم از نا آشنایی ها گرفته
از رفاقت و صحبت با بیگانه ها گرفته

با وجود توفانی خموش درچشمانم
بغضی سنگین هنوز راه نفس را گرفته

حس دوری او که نزدیک پنداشتمش
هیجان زندگانی را از لحظه هایم گرفته

بی اعتنا یاری که حتی آشنا نیست
بلایی است که امروز ما را دامان گرفته

(3oth April 2008)

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Friday, 4 April 2008

13 bedar

The 13th day after the arrival of the Persian New Year (13 bedar) marks the end of the New Year festivity for people who celebrate Nuroz (see the link below). In preparation for the Persian New Year seven symbolic items (they start with the letter “س”, one of the Persian alphabets) are normally gathered. “Sabzeh” is one of them. It is the collection of seeds grown into a green mass (to symbolise life and regeneration).

'13 bedar' is the day of nature, when people spend time outdoor. 'Sabzeh' is also returned to the nature in this day. It is customary to tie the green stems of the 'Sabzeh' together for good luck, happiness and success (in particular in finding the right man!). 'Sabzeh' is then thrown away in the water, wishing that bad luck would go away with it, too.

This year we spent our '13 bedar' in Tatton Park (Cheshire, UK). The spirits were high despite the fact that this year's '13 bedar' was a wet one!

For more informationon Nuroz:

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