Saturday, 8 June 2019

همراه با استاد کیومرث

One of my wishes for "Friends of  Shahnameh", the group which I co-funded with my husband, Ali about nine years ago was to be able to run events related to Shahnameh in suitable public venues. Money have always been an issue, though,  During the past nine years we have tried venues such as community halls, libraries, the University and places such as Iranian Art and Culture Centre. None of the venues got even close to this year's venue.
There were some issues with this place: technical support could have been better and the fact that private cars could not have accessed the Oxford road meant less people (compared to the last year event) attended.  But overall  having the Commemoration Day of Ferdowsi in such a unique conference room was a satisfying experience.
I am glad that after nine years we managed to reach one of our initial goals. The pictures below shows otad Keyomars telling the story of Rostam and Esfandyar.

استاد کیومرث در نهمین بزرگداشت فردوسی دوستان شاهنامه در منچستر. از همه‌ی دوستانی که با حضور خود ما را حمایت کردند کمال تشکر را داریم. سپاس از نیازمندیهای منچستر برای تقبل قسمتی از مخارج سالن

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