Thursday, 9 May 2019

Commemoration Day of Ferdowsi

The above pictures are visualisation of stories from #Shahnameh (the book of kings) by Raha and Hooneya two of the students from the Persian School in Stockport. Raha and Hooneya have drawn #Simourgh (the mythical bird) and the story of Kaveh, respectively. The pictures are drawn as part of the annual celebration of the Commemoration Day o Ferdowsi by Friends of Shahnameh.

نقاشی‌های بالا به ترتیب از رها باقری و هونیا منفرد برای نهمین #بزرگداشت_فردوسی #دوستان_شاهنامه در منچستر می‌باشد 

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