Tuesday, 3 December 2019


I am proud to announce that one of my photos has been published in the Uninvited Women Journal, Volume 2 Nationality and Statelessness.
You can access the journal by clicking here, too.

The caption reads my definition of Nationality: A tight frame of identity woven around you at birth. Not as a made-to-measure outfit but a second skin. It comes with its own set of customs, traditions and religious beliefs. Nationality can give you a sense of belonging, an opportunity to share and rely on the same value-system without having to explain yourself. But it also dictates your limits in life. It won't give in or rip open if you grow or challenge it. It simply crushes you down!

تعریف ملیت و یکی از عکس‌های من در همین رابطه در جورنال زنان دعوت نشده 

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