Sunday, 30 October 2016


Barcelona, Spain

I have already posted a photo-essay of my trip to Barcelona, but one thing that still remains on my "to-do list" is to write a review on our tour guide, Leon. I spent about half an hour searching for the relevant page which I thought should be easily to find, but was proven difficult to locate. Instead of quitting all together I thought I write a couple of sentences here. I trust the magic of internet together with the art of hashtaging will direct someone here.

I have never had the pleasure of finding out about the history of a place through the street theatre and that was exactly what #Leon provided. Right from the start, his facial expression and the way that he was projecting his #voice felt #unique. I wondered if he was an actor doing the tour as a second job. I wasn't right, but not that far off either. His background was #ballet, after changing direction he became a #tour-guide / #writer.

Whatever he was he managed to deliver the best possible guided tour. Leon was #eccentric and not always politically correct so not everyone would find his history lesson appropriate at all times, but I guess that is what history is: a brutal, in your face version of the truth that you might find difficult to digest.

Through the alleyways of Barcelona to the building scared by the world war, to the remains of a Jewish synagogue to the very steps that Kristoffer Kolumbus walked up to present his new discovery, potato, to the king, to the execution square, to archaeology sites, to old and new part of the city and to discussion about the best way to eat for less Leon certainly managed to keep us entertained.

At the end he came up with a poem summarising the tour! Thank you Leon :)

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