Thursday, 13 August 2015

A sigh of relief

Prologue = 😱
Sickness proved to be more effective than the alarm clock. It even made her bypass the stage of coonfusion between sleep and awareness, hence saving her at least 5 min.
She raised her head and looked in the bathroom mirror. Pronounced dark circles under her eyes looked as if they have always been there, even though their apparent permenant position was only forged recently.
The petty desire to brush her teeth was soon overruled by the fear of throwing up again. She walked back to the bedroom and looked at the bedside clock ,5.17am. She climbed under the quilt and tried to calm herself by focusing on her breathing, the way she was instructed to do in the yoga class. There was still time, At 6.30 the A-level results would be available on line.
Epilogue = ☺️

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