Wednesday, 28 January 2015

معرفی کتاب فارسی توسط گروه انگلیسی

The promotional video for the launch of my book (Bazgasht)
Duration = 4.30 min

برای مراسم معرفی نسخه الکترونیکی کتاب  "بازگشت"  19 فوریه 

Crocus Books presents the launch of Bazgasht by Shahireh Sharif.

Bazgasht, meaning return or homecoming: an inspirational journey of self discovery through the eyes of two childhood friends. Revisiting their homeland, the mystical world and richness of Persian culture revitalises their spirits. Influenced by the writings of th Persian Philosopher, Attar, each finds new ways of coping with the difficulties of life as they get to know themselves and understand others.

The Launch will include an excerpt in Farsi with a translation in English, along with a screening of
‘The Collections’, a short film by dissident film maker Payman Mandegar.

Bazgasht is a Farsi language text, avaliable in PDF form

19th February 2015
6.00 PM

FREE entry

Performance Space
Manchester Central Library
St. Peter’s Square
M2 5PD

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