Monday, 3 November 2014

این رسم ماست

I’ve taken this photo from a book* on pictures of the world’s historical moments. I bought the book because of this unique picture. The picture shows Dr. Mohammed Mossadegh on trial after his arrest following an American directed codetta in Iran

We are good at sacrificing our best to make sure the worst survive.

"Dr Mohammed Mossadegh (19 May 1882 – 5 March 1967) A major figure in modern Iranian history who served as the Prime Minister of Iran (1951 to 1953). An author, administrator, lawyer, prominent parliamentarian, and statesman; he is most famous as the architect of the nationalization of the Iranian oil industry, which had been under British control through the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (later British Petroleum or BP), and which is thought by many to be the reason for his deposition. After which he received a sentence of 3 years in solitary confinement at a military jail and was exiled to his village not far from Tehran, where he remained under house arrest on his estate until his death, on 5 March 1967" Taken from wikipedia

* The Fifties in pictures, James Lescott, Parragon, New York

این عکس را از کتابی گرقتم که وقایع تاریخی هر دهه دنیا را به روایت عکس به تصویر کشیده بود. کتاب را برای همین یک عکسش خریدم
گویا این رسم ماست که بهترینها را قربانی کنیم تا مطمئن باشیم جایی برای نشتن بی کفایت ترینها بر مسند قدرت وجود دارد

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احمدی فرد said...

به قول پروین
نکته در اینجاست که ما را فروخت
گوهری دهر و شما را خرید

Anonymous said...

واقعا كه خيلي خوب گفتيد

اين عكس
اين نوشته ها
و بازتابهاي اون
و يادآوريهاي چيزاي مهم
و بودن اين مطلب

خريدنش بخاطر اين عكس ارزشمنده