Wednesday, 17 October 2018

know me

.روایتگری هستم مسلح به واژه و دوربین عکاسی. نوشته‌هایم تخیلاتی هستند که ریشه در واقعیت دارند

As far back as I could remember, even before that as my family tells me, I have always loved books. Apparently, the first character that I fell in love with was a kind cat that would help everyone.

Growing up coincided with eight years of war. In high-school I became a volunteer helping to care for wounded soldiers. Those years showed a darker side of humans, crueller than what I have ever imagined. The world of fiction, free from the sound of red sirens, smell of blood, taste of terror, shortage of medicines … was a temporary shelter. I started to write, to escape the world? Maybe.

I left my homeland, Iran, and with that I became separated from writing as I started to learn a new language and study. Many years later when I was writing draft after draft of my PhD thesis I found that writing was an important chunk of life which was missing and at the risk of using a cliché, the rest is history.

Most of what I write is fiction, but fiction that has its roots in reality.

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