Friday, 26 August 2016


Khorasan, Iran

We drove a long way only to find out that the place I was supposed to photograph can no longer be reached as the public pathway was closed off. A complete stranger offered us to go through his garden to take photos; hesitantly we followed him. Beyond a big iron gate, in the temperature over 40C we came to a garden cool and peaceful. 
Thank you dear stranger for your hospitality and juicy peaches offered.

خیلی گرم بود، خیلی. وقتی فهمیدم که به مکانی که برای عکس برداری از آن آمده بودیم از جایی غیر از داخل باغ او دسترسی نداریم. حسابی ناامید شدم. دعوتمان کرد تا مهمان او باشیم و از داخل باغ او عکس بگیریم. اینگونه شد که توی چله تابستان مهمان غریبه ای بودیم که با هلوهای باغش پذیرای ما شد

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