Friday, 17 June 2016

Standing in my own truth comes to Manchester

About two years ago I wrote my first play 'N+Either', it was performed by actors on stage. Watching them giving life to my words was empowering and emotional. I knew then I wanted to write plays. Last year I wrote and performed a monologue 'life cafe' and this year I was involved with yet another theatre project. This time I was one of the lucky 7 co-writers and performers who got to work under the leadership of Rani Moorthy creating 'Standing in my own truth'.

The play was organized by CAN's Refugee and Migrant Women's Theatre Programme. It was premiered at the Arnolfini Theatre in Bristol on Tuesday and is coming to Manchester on Wednesday 22nd June at 7.00 (at Z-Arts)

اولین نمایشنامه ام را حدود دو سال پیش نوشتم. تماشای بازیگرانی که به کلمات من جان می دادند تجربه ای بی نظیر بود. پارسال قطعه ای را به صورت تگ گویی نوشتم و بروی صحنه اجرا کردم. امسال هم در کنار 7 خانم دیگر زیر نظر نمایشنامه نویس و بازیگر مشهور رانی مورثی نمایشی را نوشته و در شهر بریستول بروی صحنه بردیم
چهارشنبه 22 ژوئیه هم این نمایشنامه  در منچستر اجرا خواهد شد، ساعت 7 

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