Tuesday, 7 July 2015

A journey in the wonder inn

I followed the Les Trois Mousquetaires as they wandered in the Wonder Inn.

Inside, there were others

Soon the empty chairs were to be occupied by 16 (turned 12) artists.

Cameras checked...

...and volunteers helped.

Soon everyone was busy working.

There were lots of research...


...different ways.

Ideas developed.

We had lots of support...

...as ideas further developed and pieces written.

We were painting the town red...

...using a green screen!

It wasn't just work; we stopped for lunch :)

I got to observe the Artist's mind...

...and lots of other fantastic artists at work.

But best of all I made my own Formulary :)

Many many thanks to John

Thank you CAN, and thank you Filmonik.
Love you all xxx

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