Thursday, 12 March 2009

تقويم سال ١٣٨٨ خورشيدى

Use the link below for accessing the New Year Persian calendar.

برای دسترسی به تقویم سال جدید به آدرس اینترنتی زیر مراجعه کنید


greenshotter said...

Hi,Blue-eye lady! I went through Persian calendar and were surprised to find that the trees in the photo for Nov-Dec were exact the same kind of tree I took a photo in last Dec.( You can see it in my early flickr photos)Maybe there is some connection between you and me. Isn't it interesting?

Shahireh said...


And Went through your flickr photos (all very impressive), but I didn't find which tree you were referring to!
Anyhow, we have something in common and that is an interest in writing, reading and photography :)

thanks for your visit

greenshotter said...

Hi,Blue-eye lady! Pls go on my page five,you'll find a reddish tree with some willow twigs hang over. The lower part of the tree is getting bigger, though I cut it off, but you can still see some clue. Try it again and you'll be amazed!

Shahireh said...


Thanks for giving me directions
It worked. I just saw it a minuet ago and I agree, very mysteeeeeeeeeriooooous ;)

Have a lovely weekend