Thursday, 2 February 2017

A hundred year old teapot

Of course I'm just guessing the age of this teapot, but it must have witnessed many joyful and sad occasions in the life of many people before me. It's only a small pot so it has probably been used to make tea for one. As I was drinking my tea I wondered what stories it could tell about people whom it has seen. If only the teapot could talk. I put my cup away and started tying:
"I wish they would have turned their TV off or at least took me back to the kitchen. There is too much talk about you know who and his overt racism. U.S. IS THE ONLY COUNTRY WHO HAS USED ATOMIC BOMB. What guarantee do we have that they won't use it again?"  
 این قوری مورد علاقه منه، به خاطر قدمتش.  اگه می توانست حرف بزنه داستان های زیادی از آدمهایی که دیده بود می گفت. ولی صحبت امروزش شاید این بود: تو را به خدا اون تلوزیون لعنتی را خاموش کنین یا منو برگردونین تو آشپزخونه دیگه حالم از حرف های نژادپرستانه همونیکه اسمش را نخواهم آورد بهم می خوره
امریکا تنها کشوریه که از سلاح اتمی استفاده کرده و قابلیت استفاده مجدد از اون را هم داره و اینطوری که معلومه به حماقت  استفاده مجدد از اون هم مجهزه

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