Wednesday, 18 July 2018


دنیایی بود پذیرفته شدن اولین کارم در نمایشگاه. آنهم "هوم" در منچستر.سپاس از همه‌ی دوستانی که همراهیم کردند

Volatile Stillness سکون فرّار Volatile Stillness brings together photography, film, song and poetry to create a lasting visual /audio experience. The video also features Sohrab Sepehri’s poetry (at Golestaneh) sang by Bahar Roshan. This is my first work exhibited at a gallery as part of The Travelling Heritage Bureau group exhibition at HOME (Manchester) on 16 & 17 June. ///////////////// In this collection I explores moments on the brink of explosion using 6 still images. A short film, as the reference point, displays serenity and relaxation. In the pictures lack of movement does not equate to tranquillity; in fact, the most potent feeling in the collection comes from the photos. Photography forces stillness on subjects reaching the saturation point of some sort whilst the film emphasises that nothing could be truly still on planet earth.

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